Raising the White-Label in the Custom Writing Niche

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Hi friends! The most useful affiliate program in the educational niche Edu-Money is here. We present a new interesting article about working in the custom writing niche. You will learn how to circumvent high competition by pinpointing a certain direction in the niche, correctly analyzing competitors, writing high-quality content and successfully bringing your website to the top of the list.

Niche Analysis

Profitability is determined by the demand volume of the main “mother niche”. Do not also forget about the seasonality and narrowing of the target audience. Take, for example, academic essay writing for Chinese-speaking students in English-language universities. The Chinese do not really like to switch to foreign languages despite studying in England or the United States, and are happy to stumble upon a China-friendly site that can solve their problem. At the same time, Chinese students abroad are quite rich guys, and they will spare no expense for a well-written paper.

The next step is checking traffic sources. This is where the popular SimilarWeb tool comes in handy. It is necessary in order to determine from where they most often go to the site in a specific niche. Oftentimes, it is organic and referral traffic, but it can also be social.

Pick the keywords


In our case, Chinese and English localization of the landing page is a fundamental point. Chinese students are very sensitive to their native language. A China-friendly site adds trust to customers, which leads to a significant increase in conversion. Do not forget about the order form in the style of a “calculator”. There the customer can immediately see the price change depending on the type of work, the execution speed and additional parameters.


Quality content writing is still an important method of any site promotion. I am sure that there is no need to convince readers of the quality, uniqueness and connectedness of the content. You can write it yourself or order it on freelance. All kinds of resources to search and study the necessary information, most of which are in the public domain, will help you in your own writing.

Link Building Methods

So, the site is hosted (check in the Google Search Console). Now you need to raise it in search results for successful monetization. Today, we will briefly talk about link building (we could write a whole book about the link building methods our experts resort to on different projects).

  • Outreach — guest posts placement on thematically relevant sites, with the permission of this resource owner. Basically, outreach is a paid means of promotion, but you can always write high-quality content that will be useful to the owner of the resource, or exchange posts. During the process of analyzing niches, you will definitely get to the sites where you can publish your posts and reviews or get into the ratings game.
  • Crowd marketing — the activity of people on the forums in the comments to the posts and discussions relevant to your topic. The most rough example is when completely unrelated people raise a debate on the forum regarding issues that are relevant to your niche and the link to your product accidentally slips. This method helps circumvent the direct advertising moderation on forums or similar platforms. Crowdfunding can be done on its own, yet a sufficient number of people offering similar services are crowded on freelance exchanges.


In my work, I often met affiliates who did not take up White-Label due to the difficulty of attracting traffic. This prompted me to write this guide. It will open eyes on the simplicity of analyzing the niche and raising a good, optimized website.

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