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Hello everyone! Making money with affiliate networks is not easy. Especially in niches where competitors spend thousands of dollars on promotion, advertising and customer analysis. Nevertheless, if you do not follow the majority and are witty enough, then the idea of becoming a leader is quite realistic. We will tell you how to do it.

First, let’s recall what the essay niche is. The niche of academic services stands for a variety of offers for monetization of student traffic. The main GEO are the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New ZealandThe main target audience is students aged 18–24. Men and women who prefer to use phones in 55% of cases share a fifty-fifty split. Next, you will learn about the features of the target audience in the most promising countries.

In the article, all revenue analysis data of 2019–2020 are presented. After analyzing all the traffic, we identified the TOP 10 most profitable countries:

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Profitability statistics by country.


The United States remains the most profitable country. It brought 62.08% of all annual sales. The Netherlands takes second place, whereas ninth and tenth places belong to Italy and Belgium. The latter are considered atypical cases, because English is not the main language in these countries. But despite this, the profit there is 7.59%0.87% and 0.86%The Netherlands is an example of a successful case with its own characteristics: clients aged 25–34 brought the most profit. Students in this direction participate in English projects or translate English works to their native language.

Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia occupy third, fifth and seventh places respectively, being considered classic destinations for a niche. Canada brought 4.8% of the profit, Great Britain — 3.67% and Australia — 1.91%. And this is not surprising because in these countries, English is a native language and education in all educational institutions is carried out in English. Also, these are world-famous destinations after the USA for receiving high quality education. Middle Eastern countries, such as the UAE and Oman, were able to quickly enter the TOP ten most profitable countries due to the rapid development of infrastructure and education, in particular. Profit from the UAE equals 3.98%, which makes this GEO one of the most promising, and profit from Oman constitutes 1.14%. The only representative from East Asia in the TOP ten most profitable countries in the essay niche is China. This country at the state level allocates large budgets for scholarships for foreign students around the world and conducts training naturally in English. The income from Chinese students is 3.14% of the total profit over the past year.

Since the United States with its special characteristics of the audience is the most profitable GEO, and has been such in the entire history of the niche, it should be paid special attention and open the curtain of analytics over the past year. In American universities, students do not have the opportunity to cheat using the Internet or take work from older students, diploma topics change every year and the work is thoroughly tested for plagiarism. Pupils are looking for options to order paperworks and willing to pay considerable sums of money to order a high quality paper. Every year, the number of students in the United States is growing, that we can see on the table from the article on College Graduation Statistics:

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Percentage of Americans over 25 years old with 4+ college years (1940–2019).


Projections of Education Statistics to 2027 posted in the U.S. Department of Education website, clearly indicates an annual increase in student numbers. By 2027, compared to 2019, 5% more students will study at universities.

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Heatmap of the most profitable states in the USA.


Based on the US map, it is easy to determine that 5 states bring 60.94% of all US profit: CaliforniaNew YorkTexasFlorida and Georgia.

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US State Profitability Statistics.


The most profitable state is California, which brings ⅕ of all profits across America.

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California State Profitability Ratings Map.


You can see that almost half (44.69%) belongs to Los Angeles alone. This city brings a quarter of profit in the niche, so the competition for advertising in the search for this GEO is huge. But there are cities in the state of California that also bring profit, but the competition for getting student traffic in these cities is much lower, and paid search ads are cheaper:

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Profitability statistics in California cities.


According to age indicators in California, 74.12% of orders are made by the audience aged 18–24. A quarter of them are customers aged 25–34. In the interval from 35–44 years and after 55, there are no orders whatsoever:

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California State Customer Profitability Statistics.


Both women and men visit the site in equal proportion, but the male audience from California spends 10% more than the female one:

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California customer profitability statistics by gender.


What else can attract the interest of this audience? In the in-market segment category, one out of ten is interested in post-secondary education.

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California In-Market Segment Statistics by Revenue.


The data presented above will help optimize your campaigns, spend less and earn more by monetizing traffic from the most profitable GEO in the essay niche.

Next, we’ll take a look at the countries that are inferior to the United States, but still brought significant profit in the niche with annual revenues reaching millions of dollars. Due to the development of English-language education in all countries, many orders started to come from East AsiaEurope and the Persian Gulf countries.

The map below is similar to the coronavirus pandemic statistics, but it actually shows in which cities of China students are interested in ordering paperworks in English:

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Map of custom papers purchase requests in China.


Every year, China accepts more and more foreign students from all over the world for English-language studies. The tendency of increasing demand allows us to predict that over time, this GEO will repeat the success of the United States in terms of profitability in the niche of academic writing services. At the moment, a third of the profits comes from Beijing. There are more and more brokers who independently bring customers to our offers. We have exclusive conditions that help to attract such a broker. Their net profit reaches 30%, and with the help of a referral program, you can bring such a broker and receive from 5% of their profit.

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Profitability statistics in China cities.


Next, we’ll compare the most profitable and well-known countries in the niche, such as the United States and Great Britain, with countries of rapidly growing demand — these are China and the United Arab Emirates.

Graphs comparing demographic statistics on profitability between the USA, China, Britain and the UAE.


The image above shows that age groups differ in each of the GEOs. The UK stands out the most, as the age group from 45–54 years is most interested in the purchase of papers, which may be due to the popularity of this country for educational courses training or a second higher education at a more mature age. In other countries, the standard age for the niche is 18–24. Next, we’ll consider the clients with different levels of education who bring the most profit:

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Profitability distribution table by educational level of clients in the USA, China, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.


The analytics shows that bachelors bring more than half of the profit for all GEOs. In China, college students take second place — 36.35%. Masters prefer making orders in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, which brings a quarter of the profit according to the GEO. An essay is considered the most popular work, and this type of papers is ordered by 72.53% of the Chinese audience and 50% of the American one:

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A table comparing profitability by educational level of clients between the USA, China, Britain and the UAE.


It is believed that most of the orders are paid from mobile phones, but this statement is currently fully confirmed only in China, where the profit of mobile phone users is 61.2%. In other countries, almost all the profits come from computer users. Mobile phones are most often used to search for services, but they usually register and place orders from computers, because you can add additional materials that are stored on a computer as a rule. Our system allows you to track users following a personal link with a key and assign them to the partner who brought the client.

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Customer devices statistics between the USA, China, Britain and the UAE.


All in all:

On average, students need about six years to get higher education. Bachelor’s degrees are the most profitable ones in the niche of academic services. With the growing popularity of studies in foreign universities on English projects among students, new opportunities for earning money in this niche are constantly opening up.

Even in the most competitive GEO — the USA — there is a chance to earn money. The development of English language education in EuropeAsia and the Persian Gulf countries opens up new opportunities and areas where you can outpace competitors and hit the jackpot. It is predicted that student numbers will grow almost annually over the next few years. Do not miss the opportunity to earn money in the niche that has been bringing profits for partners for several years and is developing rapidly at any time.

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