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What is EduMoney?
  EduMoney is an affiliate program that offers opportunities for affiliates to earn substantial commissions in the academic writing niche, particularly by promoting our in-house essay writing services. Affiliates can earn up to 50% - 70% of the order price or receive $10 per approved lead.
Niche main features:
  There is a significant demand in the market, with an average of 1.2 million monthly searches on popular keywords like 'buy an essay' and 'write my essay' on Google. These searches come from over a hundred predominantly English-speaking countries.
  The primary target audience for academic writing services is students studying in the USA and Canada, aged between 18 and 24. The gender distribution is relatively balanced, with 50% men and 50% women. The majority of users access services through their phones (55%), followed by computers (35%) and tablets (10%). Potential customers in this niche prioritize trustworthy services, the assurance of non-plagiarized content, and the option of getting a refund if the quality does not meet their expectations.
  The niche experiences two main seasons. The autumn season spans from mid-September to mid-December, with a peak in November. The spring season extends from mid-February to the first half of June, peaking at the end of April. Understanding and planning for these seasonal fluctuations can be advantageous for affiliate marketers.
  The academic writing niche is overcrowded and has a reputation for spammy practices. Direct advertising of these services is prohibited by search engines, and the niche is considered "gray" due to its nature.
Which countries do you accept?
  We accept traffic from all English-speaking countries, with a focus on countries where English is the first or second leading language. Our main GEOs with the highest conversion potential include the USA and Canada. Additionally, we prioritize traffic from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and other European countries. Traffic from these regions tends to have the best results in our program.
What are the advantages of your affiliate program?
- Edu-Money is a full cycle company with optimized selling sites, ensuring better conversions and customer retention. Clients often return 9-12 times, increasing your earning potential.
- We offer high dynamic rates for RevShare and CPL, along with a referral program and bonuses. As a welcome bonus, you will receive $35 credited to your account.
- Commissions gradually increase based on your performance, with active partners enjoying rates of up to 70% for the sale and up to 35% for the return of the client. For CPL, you can earn up to $20 per approved lead.
- We provide support and assistance in setting up campaigns, ensuring you have the guidance you need for success.
- Fast payouts upon request, along with a wide range of payment methods for convenience.
- Advanced tracking capabilities, including the ability to set up postbacks and track campaigns for different traffic sources.
What traffic sources do you accept?
  We accept a wide range of traffic sources to promote our affiliate program, including SEO, PPC, SMM media campaigns, crowd marketing, banners, doorways, PBN (Private Blog Network), and e-mail. However, it's important to note that we strictly prohibit black hat email marketing. Those found using such methods will face administration bans.
How do I become a partner?
  Becoming a partner is easy! Simply fill out the registration form, and shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you can log in to your webmaster account and start enjoying all the benefits of working with the Edu-Money Affiliate Program.
What are the commission ranges for partners?
  Our terms are highly favorable. The minimum commission rate for a sale is 50%, which is higher than what the majority of affiliate programs in our niche offer! You will receive this commission for the initial order from the clients you bring. Subsequent purchases made by these clients will be considered as rebills or repeat orders, for which you will earn a passive income of 20% for each order. Why is it called passive income? It's because the average client remains with us for a minimum of two years, placing 9-12 orders during that time.
How long do you store Cookies?
  Only our Affiliate Program stores cookies for 60 days, ensuring that your clients will remain attributed to you during that period.
What types of promotional materials do you provide?
  We offer a wide range of promotional materials suitable for various types of traffic. Our offerings include WP-templates for both one-page landings and full websites that can be customized for White Label. Additionally, we provide banners, interactive calculators, order forms, and keywords. If you require any specific promotional material that is not available in the respective section of the webmaster cabinet, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.
What is a white label and how do I work with it?
  A white label is a chance for you to have a fully functional project in our niche. Typically, it involves a branded website that employs white hat marketing methods, focusing on long-term success. Our company provides you with the opportunity to integrate your website into our system and exclusively promote your project.
  To launch the website, you won't need any content or verification, as all the necessary materials for the white label project are already available in the corresponding section of your webmaster cabinet. You can choose to use a ready-made WP-template for the website, which is highly customizable and already connected to our system. Alternatively, you have the option to develop your own website and integrate our order form and client cabinet, as they are readily accessible too.
To which pages of the website should I drive traffic?
  The landing page is undoubtedly the most highly convertible option. However, if your traffic is service-specific, such as essay, term paper, or dissertation-related, it is advisable to direct it to landing pages that correspond to the specific service type. On the other hand, there is no benefit in directing traffic to the price page or the order form.
Do you have a Referral Program?
  Absolutely! You can locate and copy your unique referral link within your account under the "Referral Program" section. By referring others through your unique link, you will earn a 5% commission for each order that comes through your referral channel.
How can I track traffic sources?
  To effectively monitor traffic from multiple channels, we have developed the Sub_id functionality. You can set up your Sub_id in the account section labeled "Statistics" > "Postback / Sub ID". This parameter is entirely customizable and can be added to your affiliate link. By utilizing this feature, you can create numerous links with different Sub_id parameters, enabling you to track the performance of your advertising campaigns and make comparisons at a later stage. Partners who generate doorway traffic find this functionality particularly useful as it allows them to assign Sub_id values to different types of keywords, helping them identify the most successful ones and scale their efforts accordingly.
  The format of the affiliate link with the Sub_id parameter is as follows:*your key*&sub_id=*your sub_id*
  Feel free to use any text as your Sub_id value to differentiate between various traffic sources.
  You can track activity based on Sub_id in the "Conversions" section.
Do you have a Postback option?
  Yes, we do! You can easily set up a postback in the "Statistics" section under "Postback / Sub ID". This feature allows the system to send information regarding incoming orders to your tracking system (TDS). When an order is received, the system will send you details such as the sub_id, status, money amount, and transaction id.
  To generate a postback, simply provide a URL that will receive this information.
  To generate a postback, you need to enter a URL that will receive the information. Here is the format of the link that includes order data:{sub_id}&payout={revenue}&tid={tid}&status={status}
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
We do have a withdrawal limit, but it applies only to your first payment. This is primarily due to the $35 registration bonus we offer as a gift upon signing up. The minimum amount for your first withdrawal is $150; however, there are no limits on subsequent withdrawals thereafter!
How long will I receive a commission for a customer?
You will receive a commission for each order made by the client within their Lifetime Value (LTV). On average, a customer tends to place up to 12 orders within a span of two years.
What is the refund policy?
We are responsible for all refunds on our side. The refund rate among our clients is typically under 2-3%. We cover refunds due to the fault or error of our company. In this case, funds are not withdrawn from the partner's balance.
However, it's important to note that in cases of suspected fraud, the webmaster's funds may be temporarily frozen. If fraudulent activities are detected, our Fraud Department will initiate an investigation. During this investigation, the account will be frozen, and all communication will be conducted via email.
What is CPL, and how does it differ from RevShare?
CPL stands for Cost Per Lead, which is a monetization model where payment is made for each user registration on the site. In CPL, the registration is paid in a fixed amount, while sales and rebills are not compensated.
How do the CPL rates change?
The CPL rates fluctuate depending on the quality of the traffic. As the quality of traffic improves and leads to a higher number of conversions, the CPL rates also increase correspondingly. The cost for lead starts at $10 and can reach up to $20.
What are the requirements for CPL traffic?
Unlike Revshare, CPL traffic undergoes moderation based on several parameters, with the main ones being GEO and traffic source. Currently, we accept traffic exclusively from the USA and Canada, with plans to expand to additional regions in the future. Allowed traffic sources for CPL include SEO, PPC and SMM.
Is there a hold period for receiving CPL commissions?
Yes, there is a hold period of 14 days for receiving CPL commissions, unlike Revshare. However, it's important to note that we are actively working to reduce the duration of the hold in the future.
Is it possible to use both CPL and Revshare at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to use both CPL and Revenue Share models simultaneously. However, it's important to note that customers from different traffic sources will not be mixed. You have the flexibility to use both models concurrently by separating your traffic. In the "Offers" section of your account, you can find separate unique links for Revshare and CPL monetization for each of our selling sites. This allows you to effectively manage and track your performance in each model.

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