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List of the most frequently asked questions

What is PP EduMoney?
Edu-Money is a partner program in the academic writing niche (essays). Our affiliates receive up to 55% -70% of the order price.
Niche main features:
The academic services /homework writing niche speaks for itself. We help students from English-speaking countries with the influx of written works and research that universities and colleges around the world dump on them regularly.

The demand of our niche is measured by 1.2 million monthly searches – as you can see, it is full of money and opportunities.

Potential customers are interested in old reliable companies, plagiarism-free product, and guarantees that they will be able to get their money back if necessary. Our brand high-selling websites happily provide all this.

Please, pay attention to the fact that the niche is overcrowded and quite spammy. There might be problems with Google as well as with competitors and their malicious actions. We strongly recommend that you block IPs from Ukraine and Russia from accessing your websites. If you have any further questions about our niche, feel free to contact support, we are happy to help you!
Which countries do you accept?
We accept traffic from all English-speaking countries. Still, the best countries for conversion are those, where English is the first or second leading language. These include the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
What are the advantages of your PP?
When you start working with us, you will see for yourself that we are a young and very ambitious team that believes in unconventional business approach. This can be seen in all aspects of this project: design and site development, CRM and sales department work, cooperation with writers and comprehensive support for webmasters on all stages of their work. And as for the commercial benefits of working with us, we offer the highest starting rates in the niche, plus a nice $20 bonus for each new webmaster.
What traffic sources you accept?
We accept all sources, from search traffic to e-mail newsletters. These include SEO, PPC, SMM media campaigns, crowd marketing, teaser-banners, doorway, PBN, and e-mail. However, we do not accept black hat email marketing – administration bans those who use such methods. Please note that the niche is prohibited on Google AdWords, so you can launch an advert campaign only by using specific methods.
How do I become a partner?
First, you need to fill out the registration form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after and will be able to activate your account. And ... Ta-da! Just log in to your webmaster account and enjoy all the benefits of working with Edu-Money Partner Program.
What are commission ranges for partners?
Our terms are very favorable. The minimum rate for a sale is 55%, which is higher than what the majority of PP in our niche is offering! You receive this commission for the first order from the client you bring. All their further purchases will be considered as rebills (repeat orders), and you will receive 20% for each order as a passive income. Why passive income? Because an average client stays with us for at least two years and makes 9-12 orders. For more details, please follow this link.
How much can I earn?
On average, partners that increase traffic to our websites earn $ 1,000-2,000 per month, while top partners earn more than $ 20,000. Here is a link with an example of our partner’s statistics – link
What is the payment currency?
Payments are made in USD via one of the payment systems: WebMoney, PayPal, Privat24 (in UAH).
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
We have a withdrawal limit only on your first payment. It is mostly because of the bonus we offer as a registration gift. The minimum amount of your first withdrawal is $150, but there are no limits after that!
Do you have a withdrawal hold?
No, we do not. Once you have requested a withdrawal of your funds, our financial department starts processing it. You will receive the funds within 1-3 days (usually it takes only 6-8 hours).
How long will I receive commission for a customer?
You receive a commission for each order made by the client within their LTV (Lifetime Value). On average, one customer has up to 12 orders within two years.
What about the refunds?
Our company is solely responsible for the quality of work we provide. The refund rate among our clients is under 2-3%, but the company is financially responsible in any case. The funds we return to the client are not charged off the partner's balance, so that will not cause you any financial inconveniences. The only case in which webmaster’s funds might be frozen is on suspicion of fraud. If we detect any fraudulent activities, our Fraud Department will initiate an investigation. During the investigation, the account will be frozen, and all the communication will be conducted via e-mail.
How long do you store Cookies?
Only our Partner Program stores Cookies FOREVER, so your client will always be yours.
What types of promo materials you provide?
We provide promotional materials for work with any kind of traffic. This includes WP-templates (one-page landings and full websites for a white label), banners, interactive calculators and order forms, and key lists. Feel free to contact support if you need any kind of a promotional material that is not available in the respective section of the webmaster cabinet.
What is a white label and how do I work with it?
White label is your opportunity to have a full-fledged project in our niche. In most cases, it is a brand website that attracts customers with white hat marketing methods, playing the long game. Our company gives you an opportunity to integrate your website into our system and promote your project exclusively. You do not need any content or verifications in order to launch the website – all materials for the white label project are already in the respective section of your webmaster cabinet. You can use a ready-made WP-template of the website – it is completely customizable and is already connected to our system. You can also develop your own website and add our order form and client cabinet, they are available as well.
How do I place an order form on my website?
Go to the Promo section, "Order Form". After you enter your domain in the field, a script will be generated. All you have to do is to insert this script on the order page that you have created on your website.
Which pages of the website should I drive traffic to?
A landing page is highly convertible, obviously. However, if your traffic is specific service-oriented (essay, term paper, dissertation), you can direct it to landing pages of the corresponding type of service instead. But there is no point in directing traffic to the price page or the order form.
Do you have a Referral Program?
Of course we do! You can find your referral link in your webmaster cabinet (Promo section – "Referral Link"). You will receive 5% for each order that comes through your referral channel.
How do I track traffic sources?
We have developed a Sub_id functional in order to monitor traffic on several channels. This parameter is completely customizable, and you can add it to your affiliate link. Thanks to it, you can create multiple links with different sub_id parameters and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns for later comparison. Partners with doorway traffic can use this functional to assign sub_id to different kinds of keywords and evaluate the most successful keys. Here is the format of the affiliate link with the sub_id parameter:*your key*&sub_id=*your sub_id*
In order to track activity with your sub_id, go to the "Advanced Statistics" section. Choose the Filter field, where you can sort the data by any of your sub_id.
Do you have a Postback option?
We certainly do! Our system will send all the information about orders to your TDS. When the order is placed, we send its sub_id, status and price. Simply go to the Postback tab of the Promo section. In order to generate a postback, you have to enter a URL that will be receiving the information. Here is the format of the link with the order data:{sub_id}&status={status}&revenue={revenue}

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