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The readers’ interest and the feedback of affiliates prompted us to publish analytics which were not included in the previous article. People showed particular interest to non-classical GEOs for a niche, which was in second place after America in terms of profitability in 2019 and continues to hold a leading position now. Yes, the Netherlands is indeed a non-standard direction for a niche of academic services. How is it possible to monetize academic papers in English in countries where this language is not first?


Each European country has its own language, but students are united by the desire to delegate part of the academic burden. The trend of education in English is increasing with rapid progression. Every year, up to 2 million students from all over the world come to Europe to study, and about 20 million students in total are currently getting their degree in Europe. Studying in another country, and not in one’s homeland, is becoming a more common practice among students. In 2017, 1.7 million university students from abroad (both from another EU member state and from outside of the EU) were registered in the EU, the number of which has increased by 22% since 2013. According to the Eurostat, university students who came from abroad represented 8.1% of all enrolled university students in the EU in 2017. Due to the increase in the number of students, the volume of demand for academic assistance has risen significantly too, thus elevating the profits of affiliates and opening up new opportunities and directions in the niche. See the TOP 10 most profitable European countries in the custom writing niche in 2019–2020 below.

Rating of the most profitable custom writing niche GEOs in Europe of 2019–2020.

The Netherlands is the most profitable European country in the custom writing niche in the last year. It is the leader in the ranking for a reason, since this GEO is a popular destination for getting higher education. Eleven Dutch universities entered the top 200 of the world’s best universities. The Netherlands ranks 5th in the territorial concentration of the best universities in the world.

Next, we are going to look at the 4 most profitable European GEOs for monetizing English-language student traffic — the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria. You can also include the UK, but it is considered a classic GEO, and you can find more about it in the previous article. Discover the map of the demand level for academic assistance services in these countries below.

Heat map of the demand for paper writing in English in key European countries.


Big cities and capitals bring the main profit. The most popular city is Amsterdam, which brought 44.54% of all profits in the Netherlands. In Belgium32.91% of the profits came from BrusselsMilan brought 68.27% of all profits in Italy. Pupils of Vienna brought 53.62% of Austrian profits. The main advantage of the niche is that many students are not aware of the opportunity to order papers at a professional service. Working with non-standard GEO, you can make good money due to the low competition. The main profit is brought by capitals and big cities.

Profitability statistics by regions and cities.


Who orders academic works in Europe? According to the main GEO, such as the USA, the age group from 18 to 24 years old prevails, but Europe is a very popular destination for getting a master’s degree, so the majority of clients reach 25–34 years of age. Female and male audiences prevail in equal numbers, with a slight superiority of male audiences in Italy. In the segment of commercial interests there is no pronounced leader, but mainly the interests of the audience are related to employment and travel.

Demographic statistics and interest segmentation in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Austria.


Bachelors and masters brought almost the same amount of profit, which indicates a large accumulation of masters who, as a rule, work already, but came to Europe to improve their qualifications. They often do not have enough time for non-core subjects and prefer to outsource their writing tasks. Masters’ work is more expensive due to a higher academic level, which raises the average bill to $150, which is a third higher than in the United States. In comparison with the American audience, there will be fewer returns from such clients.

Statistics on the EU customers’ educational degree.


Few customer returns pays off by the high cost of work. Classic essays take the first place. But after them, customers order mostly expensive works, such as dissertations and thesisA thesis is an extensive work based on an in-depth study of a narrow problem. A dissertation is written to obtain a Ph. D., while thesis gives the opportunity to become a master. Such work can be very expensive. Often, customers order papers that cost up to $1000–1500. But sometimes, checks reach $3500, which is a very nice bonus for a partner who receives 55% from such a check, that is $1925 from one customer order.

Ranking analytics by the types of papers in the EU.


Which device brings the largest revenue? Desktop traffic is leading, the following are phone users, and a small percentage of payments come from tablets. First, the user clicks on your key to our offer, familiarizes themselves with the service, and registers. Then, having arrived home, they come in from the computer to add additional materials if it is necessary to clarify details at the support, and make a payment. We take care of such customers and make sure they are assigned to you. Cookies are stored for 60 days.

Statistics of users’ devices who made payments from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria.


The language of the device helps to determine the target audience in more detail. So, in the Netherlands, most users make orders using the Dutch language on their device. The Dutch language and its dialects also completely prevail in Belgium. Indeed, the main part of the Belgian population consists of two ethnic groups: the Flemings (about 60% of the population) and the Walloons (about 40% of the population), who speak Dutch and French, respectively. The Flemings live in the five northern provinces of Belgium, from which orders usually come.

It was surprising that 75% of customers from Italy make orders from devices in which the main language is Turkish, which indicates the activity of foreign students who came to study. In Austria, most users make purchases from devices with Austrian German language. The second place belongs to German, which is spoken in Germany. This fact shows that the owners of the devices are residents of Germany who came to Austria to study.

Profitability statistics based on device languages ​​in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria.

Conclusions speak for themselves:

With the growth and popularization of European education, the demand for academic writing services is also growing. The Netherlands is a tiny European country, but according to tests, audience research and our feedback, affiliates manage to monetize it. The Netherlands is four times smaller in population than Britain, and English is not the main educational language in this country, but the partners’ profit is two times higher than in Britain. This means only one thing: there are plenty of opportunities for earning money in other countries. 

European students are protected by the government, remaining quite a solvent audience. But you should not rely on easy money by acting using stereotyped methods. It is necessary to test different approaches and methods of circumventing moderation for paid promotion, and the result will definitely pay off the effort. Make money on European students while everyone is fighting for profit on the other part of the Earth. Edu-Money provides the necessary promos and shares niche expertise with partners.

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