From zero to hero: how to earn money on Reddit?

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Hello everyone, this is the most useful affiliate program in the custom writing niche Edu-Money. In this article, we will tell you how to make money on the Internet using the world famous site Reddit. You don’t have to waste huge advertising budgets or finish affiliate courses to do this. The most valuable thing, as usual, is on the surface, and we are eager to share it with you. All you need is read this article carefully, be patient and the results will not take long.

What is Reddit?

To begin with, we will tell you what this service is all about. Reddit is one of the largest communication sites designed in the forum format, where people share tips and leave links to useful resources. The site is divided into thematic subreddits which have their own rules. The popular subreddit /r/ exists as a library of the most basic themes of all subreddits. Choose the topics you like and subscribe to them. Everything is very simple, but unusual at first. 

Remember that link placement is an important part of the site, but not the main idea. More and more  people are visiting Reddit to chat and unwind. The main advantage of the site and your main tool is quality discussions. It is not for nothing that Google often links to it when indexing popular threads. High-quality discussions appeared on the site thanks to careful moderation and incredibly wide coverage.

Reddit audience

More than half of Reddit users are US residents. The age group remains fairly young: 18-29 years old on average. Only 2% of the users of the World Wide Web are people aged 50 and over, and 2% are rural residents. SimilarWeb ranks Reddit as the 5th most popular website in the world.


According to SimilarWeb  from the end of January 2020, Reddit features:

  • • Total Visitors: 1.37 Billion 
  • • Average Time on Site: 00:10:14 
  • • Number of Pages Per Visit: 7.97 
  • • Bounce Rate 37.73%.


Audience geography:

  • • USA 50.34% 
  • • UK 7.67% 
  • • Canada 7.39% 
  • • Australia 4.20% 
  • • Germany 2.95%

Key points

Reddit’s rating system is not very different from all known platforms. According to the method of voting, it lists the most popular posts on the front page. You can create 5 accounts for one mail. There are also two defense systems  to keep in mind when creating a post.

The first system involves automatic verification of your content. The spam filter automatically checks everything you post, and you have a chance of canceling your link if it doesn’t like something. It often reacts to forbidden words. Here you need to keep in mind  that the system does not notify you about this in any way. To ensure a successful post, go directly to the subreddit and find your post there.

The second system of protection is living people – moderators. They are very scrupulous about making sure that insolent advertising does not seep into their subreddit and ruthlessly block violators.

The worldwide reach of the audience attracts advertisers in different niches. With Reddit, you can draw attention to a product, but overly obvious ads won’t get moderated.

How to use the site for online earnings?

Reddit is a tidbit for many companies looking for their audience. This is a great place to apply a variety of ideas to disguise ads as memes before promoting “personalized” recommendations.

It’s valuable to build quality marketing that really convinces people of the product’s value. Further, when people begin to trust you, your image will already work for you. In the future, users themselves will advise your product and stand up for it in the comments.

Reddit in the custom writing niche

For example, let’s take the custom writing niche. Most students spend their leisure time or are looking for answers to their questions on the Internet. For Americans, Reddit is a “friend” who knows the answers to all questions and whom they sincerely trust. On Reddit, quality information is always on the surface with an up vote system. The key purpose  is to create an account that they will trust and advertise the service you like in the form of advice.

First, you need to create an account. We recommend creating several accounts at once in case of a block or other unforeseen circumstances. The optimal number is 5 accounts: two work, two personal (partisan) and one reserve account. For more accounts and security, you can use a proxy. You can also purchase already upgraded accounts with history, which will significantly save your time. We do not recommend upvoting your posts from your own accounts, because Reddit moderation calculates and blocks these accounts very quickly.

You can also buy up votes and down votes, but these  must be used very carefully. You need to behave as naturally as possible and subscribe to the subreddits you like, leaving your comments there.

Track messages that are relevant to you: the necessary category, the brand you like, or that of competitors. We recommend starting with r/explainlikeim5 or r/askreddit, as these are the most primitive topics and Reddit itself recommends starting with them. It’s important to add a description to your profile and respect your original legend. Reddit users can go to your account and find out on which branches you post. To look like a real person, we recommend writing not only about work. Funny memes allow you to get a lot of free up votes. Find a place where your target audience lives and remember about the ease of getting banned. You can directly advertise your product if it is not prohibited by the rules of the subreddit, but you will need to justify your choice.

You can also launch AMA (ask me anything). This is an action in which you can indicate your specialization and people will ask you questions. The action became so popular thanks to the participation of stars and even the former President of the United States Barack Obama. But do not rush to create an AMA on the first day of your work with Reddit, because you risk being left without questions, since no one here knows you and even your mum is unlikely to help here. In some subreddits, local AMAs are conducted as well. If you wish, you can participate in them.

Reddit is a completely free way to promote services or products, but the quality of the content means  everything here. Therefore, if the content is not your forte, we recommend paying the professionals for their assistance on this endeavor. You can always buy articles written by other users on resources such as Upwork, Fiverr, Warrior Forum, Elance, etc. Just make sure the articles are well-written and organic. This  will definitely pay off and the result will not be long in coming. You need to promote the product with advice instead of direct advertising. You don’t have to show attachment to a particular brand. You can also create an account for the product itself and answer questions of interest to users. That’s enough of a theory for now – let’s move on to a real case.

Specific case and results analytics

We want to draw the curtain and share promotion analytics on Reddit. This case study is based on insights from one of our affiliates who has been working with Reddit for almost a year. During this time, he posted 37 posts, left about 70 comments and created 8 subreddits. Out of 100% of the traffic generated from Reddit, 18% became leads. The conversion rate from lead to sale was phenomenal. Out of 100% of registrations, 60% were converted. This makes it clear that Reddit has a really relevant audience. Compared to Doorway traffic, where the conversion to sales is 0.01-0.03%, here we see 11%.

Then , during the same year, there were 4 returns for each client  on average, and they do not stop returning until now. According to statistics, repeated returns of the customers are received within two years, 7-9 returns per customer on average. This is a very good result, especially if you have attracted customers for free. Therefore , Reddit is a great source of free traffic in the custom writing niche.

Useful Tips

If the work with Reddit needs to be characterized with one sentence, it will sound like this: “First, bring your benefit to Reddit, and only then it will bring you profit.” We have been working on Reddit with our partners for two years now and are happy with the results. In addition to earning money, we acquired something it  cannot buy – audience loyalty. At the beginning of your work, we recommend you to consider the fact that visual content is much more popular. But it is important not to post duplicates. Using the service called, make sure that the picture is unique, and then upload it to and just paste the link into your post.

Optimization and monetization

We recommend assigning a unique sub_id to each link in order to later understand which companies are more successful and what is not worth wasting time on. With Reddit, you have the opportunity to test your creative ideas and monetize them.

Reddit is not very responsive to affiliate links and has long started recognizing  them. We recommend merging through the pre-landing page, which will allow you to avoid affiliate links.

I hope that our case will help bring you the results you want. We, in turn, suggest  monetizing your traffic in dollars at the best rates on the market. The RevShare system from 55% for a sale with an average check of $ 100 and passive income for two years, and the CPL system, where you will earn from $ 10 per user registration work equally well in this regard.

Sign up, use the template you like and get ready to earn decent sums using the free traffic source Reddit and the most useful affiliate program Edu-Money.

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