Edu-Money cancels off season!

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Custom writing niche performed well during the global pandemic. Half of the summer has already passed and orders are still coming in. But the fact of seasonality remains problematic. We take care of our partners and help them in every possible way to maintain a high level of income in the off-season.


To make the off-season faster and the preparation for the autumn season more efficient, Edu-Money gives + 10% to the partners’ profit from each order from August 15 to September 15. To participate in the promotion, you need to make only 1 sale during the promotion period.


The bonus includes + 10% for both sales and returns of the customers for all participants in the promotion. The additional bonus will be paid in a convenient way for you within a week after the end of the promotion.


We canceled the off-season and recommend to start preparing for the academic year of students right now. It is necessary to meet the autumn season fully equipped to have the maximum profit from the end of September. You can register and take part by following the link.

Welcome bonus $35
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