When all the famous niches are crowded, it’s time to switch to…!

Affiliate Marketing

There are many niches in affiliate marketing space existing today. The choice of a niche is faced by beginners when they start their journey. Skilled webmasters and affiliate teams are looking for new niches to make the most of their skills. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular niches and find out which direction to follow when choosing a niche in 2020.



Popular niches in affiliate marketing:

1. Goods. This niche is the most popular one because it is relatively straightforward and simple. The product can be gray and white, but this division is very conditional. White goods are everyday things, and gray ones are often preparations that promise beauty and health. The essence of a niche is to drive traffic to a variety of products. Offers range from cheap products to high markups and impulse purchases. There are also a lot of expensive and high-quality goods that are designed for a specific segment of buyers. It is necessary to track the trend and relevance of goods so as not to stumble upon an already worked out bundle.

Pros: An extensive selection of offers and constant addition of new products. There is an opportunity to merge into a wide variety of existing offers or use a bundle with dropshipping, collecting goods on large marketplaces. If you work with popular giants like Amazon, the products sell themselves there – you just need to bring a user. When you have affiliate marketing  skills, you can scale and increase profits by switching to gray.

Cons: A huge influx of newcomers. As a rule, they want to start their journey from this particular niche every year, but rarely do any of them manage to at least break even. There are seasonal goods on which you can make money during a certain period. The main difficulty is choosing the right offer with a good call center for processing requests, because even with the right combination, poor order processing will not bring profit.


2. Financial offers. This niche includes everything related to banking services. These are mainly microloans which are the most popular and profitable services. There may also be other banking services such as loans, deposits and bank cards.

Pros: You can use the same target audience simply by changing offers. Often, a client can take out a loan from a new organization to repay it from the previous one. Inexpensive and wide target audience, variety of offers and GEOs are other advantages to keep in mind.

Cons: Finding your target audience requires spending a lot of money on tests. This niche is characterised by difficult entry for beginners, because the top places in the search are occupied by experienced affiliate marketers who allocate huge budgets and own a network of promoted thematic sites for receiving this type of traffic. You can get a lot of income if you send one client to many offers.


3. Infobusiness offers. Selling trainings, webinars and courses – all of this comprises the niche of  infobusiness . The niche became insanely popular during the quarantine period, as people had more time for self-development. But due to the variety of low-quality offers, audience loyalty has greatly decreased.

Pros: Quite a simple niche, many interesting white methods are available for promotion. There are well-known brands on the market that are trusted and convert well during the quarantine period.

Cons: Famous brands require a large minimum budget to enter this niche as the target audience is very large, which is not suitable for newbies. For little-known offers, there is a chance to come across  a low-quality offer. Even with the correct audience settings, traffic will convert very poorly. It takes a lot of tests to select the optimal offer.



4. Dating. That’s the dating industry niche which ranges from mainstream dating (regular dating sites) to adult dating – webcams, etc. The niche has become very popular due to the digitalization and popularity of online dating. In fact, this is the first primitive basic need of every person, which makes the whole world its  target audience. But basically, this area is focused on the male solvent audience.

Pros: In this niche, traffic is fairly easy to convert, especially if the key action is registration. Attracting users from Norway, Canada, France, Sweden and Finland will increase the payout several times compared to attracted users from the CIS.

Cons: In the white version of this direction, which is the usual dating sites, the  payments are small. Working in the adult niche is always associated with the risk of banning your account and the need to use black promotion methods.


5. Nutra. These are all drugs that meet the demand in the field of beauty and health. This includes all the goods that people crave for in the everlasting pursuit of health and rejuvenation.

Pros: Broad target audience that can be found all over the world depending on the offer and your budget. During the quarantine, the popularity of drugs for strengthening the immune system increased.

Cons: Many drugs are banned from ad networks. The need to constantly change bundles and know the ethical subtleties of the target audience.



6. Gambling. Everything related to games, casinos and slot machines belongs to this niche. The bottom line is to attract users who go out to relax and try their luck. There are white offers like regular games. They are not prohibited for advertising, but they bring little profit. Black offers, such as casinos, are banned from advertising on many platforms, but you can make good money on them. Basically, the niche is designed for men between the ages of 24 and 45, more than 70% of whom prefer to play from their mobile phones.


Pros: A very lucrative niche that performed well during quarantine. At a time when people were forced to stay at home, they started playing a lot more, which helped web masters in this niche to increase their profits. People are ready to spend more and more money on gambling every year, which contributes to the growth and development of the niche.

Cons: The niche is banned for advertising in many countries, and this list grows every year. You need to have the skills to promote black niches or look for alternative sources of traffic, since a niche is suppressed at the state level, and not only accounts but also entire domains are banned.


7. Betting. This niche includes sports betting and more. It is a subsection of gambling, but it has its own characteristics that distinguish this vertical.

Pros: Before world sporting and other events , there is an opportunity to attract a huge amount of traffic. An alternative to large-scale sporting events at the moment is e-sports.

Cons: High cost per lead. You need to constantly monitor trends and update your campaigns. Due to the virus, world sports matches were canceled and the niche is currently going through hard times.



8. Custom writing niche. This niche has to do with earning money on students who buy essays, term papers, diplomas in the CIS and abroad. The target audience is mainly 18-24 years old. Students like to put things off until the last moment. We all were students once , and therefore, it is quite easy to understand the logic of the target audience’s behavior.

Pros: High average check and EPC. The profitability of a niche is determined by repeat orders, and the life of one client is 2 years on average.

Cons: The niche is considered gray and highly competitive in both search and paid results. In addition, the seasonality of this niche causes income volatility throughout the year.


The current world situation forces us to reconsider our views on well-known niches and highlight two main ones that have not lost their relevance even in difficult times, and most likely will never lose. During the pandemic, gambling and custom writing niche showed themselves on a good side, because the affiliates who work with these niches were able not only to maintain a stable income but also increase it. Since we have been working in the custom writing niche for several years and constantly analyze its dynamics, we want to talk about it in more detail.

Every year, the custom writing niche attracts more and more new affiliates and affiliate teams, but many people still confuse this niche with infobusiness. The custom writing niche is monetization of essay papers  in Tier 1 countries. It got its name from the most commissioned work – the essay. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world travel to America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia to study. Only wealthy students can afford a prestigious education. Others take a student loan and have to work while studying to pay it back. Both those and others order essays . The former do it  because student life is too interesting to spend on studying. The latter – because  they just physically do not have time to combine work and study.


Due to the standard of living in these countries, the average check is $ 100. For us, this is quite expensiveas for homework for  university studies, but it is worth considering the factor that foreign students are deprived of the opportunity to copy information  from the Internet. All works are very scrupulously checked for plagiarism and the themes change every year. It takes a lot of effort to write papers. Sometimes the best solution is to use professional services for academic assistance. The student pays money and can be confident in the quality and speed of the work execution. They  get used to this convenience very quickly, and therefore, one student returns 10 times on average. For the use of these services, the student is threatened with cancellation of work or even expulsion, so they look for truly proven services and value confidentiality. Before ordering a work, a student usually studies the information about the service they like and only then stops at the most advantageous offer and places an order.

For paid promotion methods, you need to have experience with cloaking services. But there are also white options, such as review sites. It is worth understanding the principles of behavior of American customers and the fact that before making a purchase, a student usually prefers to learn more about the service they  like. If a diligent student notices an advertisement for this service on social networks,they  can complain about it. And the one who orders will not like posts or make reposts. Students are willing to pay huge sums of money for privacy and quality. The disadvantage of a niche though is seasonality. But if you take into account the fact that in the off-season they usually order more expensive and voluminous work, then there are  earnings in this niche all year round.

Compared to other niches, the custom writing niche stands out with a high average check of $ 100, high number of customer returns – up to 10 returns per customer, high EPC in SEO – $ 2.5, and resistance to coronavirus.





You can successfully nail affiliate marketing efforts in  any niche depending on your skills and desire. All niches are rated according to their interests and we recommend you to choose the one that is closest to you. We examined the advantages and disadvantages of the most famous niches, and also highlighted those that were able to make a profit despite the global difficulties. The most profitable niches turned out to be those that require non-standard promotion skills. If your choice is the custom writing niche, then Edu-Money is ready to guide  you in this vertical and provide you with promotional materials.

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